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This special section features some of our city’s most accomplished female leaders. These women represent a wide variety of fields, from finance and education to interior design, health care and more. Join us in saluting them in our third annual Women of Distinction!
Jessica Forston, Owner; Photo by Linda Smallpage, Boutique Photographer

Was there a moment in your career when you realized you could open your own business? Or was that always a goal?That’s always been my dream. I love what I do. I even more so love my clients. They made the transition easy by helping me succeed at Fringe. There weren’t a ton of obstacles – it was more or less running full speed and not looking back. Every year is a better year than the year before.

What is some advice you have for young women who would be interested in starting their own business?Having confidence and knowing that you can do it is huge. I tour a lot of MATC students in the design school. These young women ask me for advice, and I say you have to have a strong support team behind you cheering you on. My family stuck by me and said, ‘You can do this.’ That builds confidence to say, ‘You’re right. I can do this.’


<![CDATA[Creating your best nest...]]>Fri, 01 Oct 2021 05:00:00 GMThttps://www.fringeinteriordesign.com/blog/create-your-best-nest
​Spending more time at home increases our need to nest and create cozy, multi-functional spaces that we can enjoy everyday. Nesting consists of turning a space into a place of comfort and stability, and the key is finding those little touches that make it feel like home. Creating a strong sense of 'home' cultivates comfort, perseverance and identity. New artwork, paint colors, throw pillows, bedding and lighting are some of the simplest ways to quickly transform your space.  Incorporating texture can bring in visual elements that feel welcoming, natural and filled with intention.  

​"Home" looks and feels different to everyone and Fringe can help define yours! Surround yourself with the things you love and find comfort in rich textures, unique designs and cozy accents from Fringe Home Furnishings. New pillows, botanicals, art and candles are available in store now! ​
<![CDATA[Add a Pop of Color to Your Space!]]>Thu, 20 May 2021 05:00:00 GMThttps://www.fringeinteriordesign.com/blog/fringe-is-hiringWhile decorating with neutrals is always safe, attractive and on trend, it doesn’t mean you have to shy away from pops of fun color in your living space. Below are some simple ways to add pops of color in your space.

​​Look up + down to color: When thinking of pops of color, don’t shy away from your rug choices and yes, your ceilings. Choosing a rug or even a runner with pops of color helps create depth to neutral spaces. You read that right! Adding wallpaper or a pop of color to your ceiling is a great way to make a big impact in any space.
Go Bold with Accessories: Think bold statement pieces such as lamps, pillow covers, and blankets. What makes these a great choice of added pops of color is that they’re not permanent and can be switched out as needed.

Add faux or real plants: Any type of botanical is a sure way to add a touch of organic color.

Get artistic: Choosing bold artwork is a great way to display color to your neutral space. However, don’t limit your artistic side to just wall art. Do not be afraid of bold patterns and prints you choose to incorporate into your home. You can also single out a statement piece of furniture such as an accent chair or headboard in your bedroom.
A touch of warmth: While we generally think of pops of color to be bold and vibrant, we also know warm hues can be bold and bring just the right amount of color to spaces that need a touch of coziness and warmth.

Thinking about adding some color to your space, but in need of some direction? Fringe is happy to help bring your dream space to life; give us a call when you're ready to begin!
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Master bedrooms often seem to be the last room people design. But why? We get it; you don’t host Thanksgiving in there, or even book club. And it’s not a gathering spot like your living room. But it IS the most important room!  
Your bedroom is where YOU start and end your day.  We all have stress, so why not wake up in your own sanctuary? Or a retreat to sneak away to after a long day? At Fringe, we'll work with you to create a calm and relaxing bedroom that fits your style! Or, if you want to wake up with a little pep in your step, we can take it up a notch and add some extra color and texture for visual interest. Lighting is key in any room, but most importantly in your own personal getaway. Why not add a chandelier above the bed or sconces above the nightstands for additional ambiance?

​When you're ready to start your master makeover, we are here to design for YOU! Don’t spend another morning or night in a room where you still have your college 'mix and match' furniture - let's make your bedroom the escape you deserve. With beds, nightstands, dressers, benches, chairs, bedding, lighting and area rugs…Fringe has got your dream bedroom covered! 
<![CDATA[Winter Whites]]>Thu, 21 Jan 2021 21:03:58 GMThttps://www.fringeinteriordesign.com/blog/winter-whitesWhite is a classic, timeless color choice for interiors. This versatile neutral works well in a variety of color schemes and design styles and is a simple way to soften or brighten a space. Fringe has plenty of options to add interest, texture and even a little fun into your décor! Here are just a few of our favorites!
<![CDATA[Seasonal scents that add a little Winter warmth!]]>Tue, 08 Dec 2020 20:38:47 GMThttps://www.fringeinteriordesign.com/blog/seasonal-scents-that-add-a-little-winter-warmth
Woodfire: ​Seductive cedarwood and smoke accords mix with heady patchouli leaves and warm vanilla to kindle the ultimate fireside fragrance.
Balsam & Cedar: ​Balsam and oak moss mingle with aromatic cedar wood, cinnamon and eucalyptus in our quintessential holiday fragrance.
Winter White: Aromatic evergreen and frosted cypress are dusted with white peppercorn, spicy-cool cardamom and a sparkling citrus nuance.
Trim the Tree: ​Notes of evergreen, white cedar, and eucalyptus create a a mirthful fragrance that fills you with a special joy that only comes when you trim the tree.
<![CDATA[Bottoms up! Where to Start on a Design Project]]>Wed, 21 Oct 2020 17:38:49 GMThttps://www.fringeinteriordesign.com/blog/bottoms-up-where-to-start-on-a-design-project

​As designers we are often asked, “Where do I begin?” Well, you've found Fringe, so that's great! When designing a space, we generally start from the bottom up. By considering the floor first, we can decide how other pieces will layer in. For this room, we began by selecting the area rug. An area rug will help you define your space, so being bold and daring with the size, shape, and color of the rug can help you create a look that is perfect for you. Selecting a neutral tone without a lot of pattern or color will allow you to add more when you choose upholstery and accents. A colorful, patterned design will allow you to pull colors from the area rug to formulate the room's color palette.
After finding the right rug we move on to which colors and textures we want to use on the sofa and chairs. Here, we chose a soft gray fabric for the sectional which compliments the darker shade in the area rug and helps balance the room. The plaid fabric on the settee adds dimension and movement while also playing off the pattern in the rug to create a fresh, up to date vibe.  
Once the upholstery has been determined, it is time to add tables and/or consoles. These pieces provide functionality and storage options within the space. Be sure to consider the color, size, height and configuration of the tables in conjunction with your upholstery. Coffee tables are roughly about the same height (or just lower) as the cushions on your sofa and measure about 2/3 the length while end table height sits at or just below the arm of a sofa. Tables that nest allow for additional functionality when needed without leaving a large footprint. The wood and bronze finishes shown complement each other while bringing an overall warmth to the space.
Accessories are often the finishing touch in completing a design. Whether you choose artwork or accents that bring in pops of color or decide on a neutral palette, combining various heights, patterns and textures are key to keeping the room cohesive and harmonious. We used a monochromatic scheme: the patterns in the artwork and lamps create the illusion of movement; the height of the open candleholders and pair of ceramic vases create visual interest by adding scale and dimension and the mirrored wall sconces reflect light throughout. 

Still overwhelmed? That's why we're here! When you're ready to start your next project, Fringe is here to answer all of your design questions and help you create something you will love. 

<![CDATA[Fall into Fall - Scents to fulfill your seasonal cravings...]]>Tue, 22 Sep 2020 20:23:02 GMThttps://www.fringeinteriordesign.com/blog/fall-into-fall-scents-to-fulfill-your-seasonal-cravingsIt's fall y'all. What is the first scent that you associate with that cool, crisp air? Whether it's the smell of sweet pumpkin pie or a smoky fire, these fall favorites are sure to create a warm, cozy vibe in your home. Can't pick just one? Burn a combination to create your new favorite scent! 
Woodfire: ​Cedarwood, smoke accords, patchouli leaves and vanilla blend to inspire the coziness of a warm fire.
Oud Wood: ​A complexity of lavender and rare oud is blended with warm tonka bean and cedarwood.
Autumn Chestnut Pumpkin: Sweet glazed peach, creamy butter, and roasted chestnuts...just like a pumpkin pie.
Palo Santo: This naturally aromatic wood emits a fragranced smoke that leaves a lasting scent for hours.
<![CDATA[New Arrivals!]]>Wed, 10 Jun 2020 19:12:43 GMThttps://www.fringeinteriordesign.com/blog/new-arrivals1760591Welcome back! Stop into Fringe today to see what's new!
<![CDATA[Summer scents have arrived!]]>Wed, 10 Jun 2020 15:48:24 GMThttps://www.fringeinteriordesign.com/blog/summer-scents-have-arrivedBrighten your decor with a splash of color and a fresh summer scent!  Our lidded ceramic candles feature a custom, hand painted pattern on a bold colored base. A brushed metal lid adds just the right amount of glam while doubling as a candle snuffer and wax protector. Available in five fragrances and designs!